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Embarking On The Epistemological Odyssey: The Visionary Leadership of Payal Mahapatra In Functional Medicine Advancements

Woman of Excellence 2024, CEO Review | Issue: December 2023 – February 2024 | Page 36 – 38 In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, Ctrl Alt Zen emerges as a pioneering force under the visionary leadership of Payal Mahapatra. As the Founder and Chief Practitioner, Payal’s journey is marked by a unique fusion […]

What’s your pandemic story?

It’s almost three months to when this story unfolded and each of us has dealt with this crisis in our own unique way. It started with dissonance, then fear, then speculation, then theories, then disdain, frustration, fear, depression and the list goes on and on. Everyone went crazy shopping, wiping out supermarkets clean. Then came […]

What the Gut?!

As I just wrapped up my gut health certification with a perfect score, it made sense that I share a little about my personal journey on how my gut health changed and affected every sphere of my life, in recent years. In hindsight, maybe my gut has been in dysbiosis for many years but due […]

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